FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The first step is to fill out our Interested Family Form. That will put you into our contact list and you will be notified of upcoming important dates and Interested Parent Meetings (IPM).

We require all new families to first attend an Interested Parent Meeting, generally held every other month, but more frequently during the summer registration months. You will be notified of the upcoming IPM via email if you have filled out our Interested Family Form (See FAQ #1). Our IPM dates will also be on the calendar on our website.

After you attend an IPM, you are able to officially register. You must obtain a login to our website, and then you can fill in both PART 1 and PART 2.

Once we receive your application, you will be contacted within the next few weeks to set up a new family interview. This is simply a time for our administrative team to sit down and get to know you a bit more on a one-on-one basis and answer any additional questions you may have.

Our Friday classes run from age 4 all the way through senior year! We also have a preschool track for our little siblings, ages 3-5.

Some of our sports have middle school teams, and we offer soccer, volleyball, cross country, and if there is enough interest boys and girls basketball and baseball for our high school students.

We participate in ACSI events such as spelling bee, speech meet, etc. Though there are many events, and each vary, they generally start in the elementary years.

HEARTS offers many things…something for everyone in the family! We cover much of this at our IPMs! We hope to see you there!

We will have a number of IPM’s during the year, and try to run them a bit more frequently during summer registration months. If you are interested in joining and have not yet attended an IPM, please make the next scheduled meeting a priority.